Call for Papers 2021

TPC is excited to announce a call for systematic reviews, intending to promote primary research in hot areas of interest, and to extract, analyze and highlight data from previously published studies.

Instructions to authors
Systematic review papers respond to a specific research question, accrue from criterion-based selection of sources, and should adhere to PRISMA guidelines. Guidelines used for abstracting data and assessing data quality and validity should be noted in methods section.
All review papers should be generally less than 6000 words, excluding abstract, tables, figures and references. References should not exceed 50, but can be longer if the base of studies referenced is larger. All submissions will normally proceed to external double blind peer review process and should meet the publishing standards of Tobacco Prevention & Cessation.

For more detailed information on manuscript structure please look Instructions to Authors - Manuscript formatting.

You can proceed with your submissions at

Submissions’ deadline: 31/12/2021