Data Policies
Data availability and sharing policy
TPC encourages data sharing and suggests to authors to make their underlying data available for other researchers, by choosing for archiving the appropriate public repository by case. Data sharing supports research results and should be cited when publicly available. Thus, TPC encourages authors to share their research data including raw data, computational or curated data and processed data. These data can be accompanied by methods, algorithms or software information used in order to conclude in their final form used for the research analysis.

We ask all authors to include a data availability statement by choosing one of the following options during their submission:
1. The data supporting this research are available from the author(s) on reasonable request.
2. The data supporting this research cannot be made available for privacy or other reasons. [please give the reasons if possible]
3. The data supporting this research are available from the following sources: [link] OR [DOI]
4. The data supporting this research can be found in the Article appendix or supplementary content.
5. Data sharing is not applicable to this article as no new data were created.

When selecting the appropriate data repository for their research, authors are encouraged to consider repositories that ensure long-term preservation and availability, and allow public access without unnecessary restrictions. Authors can identify the appropriate data repository relevant to their subject areas at or








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