ENSP - ECTC Series of Webinars
Virtual Webinars, 02.12.2020 - 17.12.2020
Organizer:European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention
2 December 2020
"Tobacco Industry Tactics"
ENSP is pleased to host the webinar “Tobacco Industry” that will be held on the 2nd December 2020, from 13:00 to 14:30 CET, as part of the ENSP-ECTC Conference – The Online Edition.

3 December 2020
"Novel Tobacco Products - New Age of the Global Epidemic"
As a part of the ENSP-ECTC Series of Webinars, the hot topic of novel tobacco products will be addressed during the session on Thursday, December 3 (13:00 - 14:30 CET), under the title "Novel Tobacco Products: New Age of the Global Epidemic".

9 December 2020
"4th Edition of the Alliance contre le tabac" Meetings
This year, the annual Meetings of the French Alliance against Tobacco (ACT) are held virtually, in a webinar form and under the umbrella of ENSP-ECTC Conference. On Wednesday, December 9 from 15:00 to 17:00 (CET), you have an opportunity to get the insights on the topic of tobacco prices in France, during the webinar titled "The cost of tobacco: decryptions and levers for action" ( Le coût du tabac : decryptages et leviers d'action).

14 December 2020
"Introducing human rights aspect to tobacco control - on the way to tobacco endgame"
A human rights approach to ending the tobacco epidemic is unique and could help overcome the challenges in FCTC implementation, as it frames the right to be free from smoking addiction as a human right and implores or requires governments to advance human development by implementing measures that decrease smoking. Until recently a human rights approach to advance tobacco control has been given little attention, but in the past year, we have seen remarkable progress in areas that are particularly relevant to human rights and provide unique opportunities to further integrate tobacco control in the national, regional and global human rights agendas and to help accelerate the implementation of tobacco control measures at the national level.

15 December 2020, ENSP-CTFK Webinar
"Using Point of Sale Investigations to Successfully Advance TAPS Policy"
Together with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, ENSP will host another webinar on Tuesday, December 15, from 13:30 to 15:00 (CET).
Entitled "Using Point of Sale Investigations to Successfully Advance TAPS Policy: Case Studies from Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Bosnia Herzegovina", this event is also organised under the umbrella of the ENSP-ECTC online edition.

16 December 2020
"E-cigarettes and Novel Tobacco Products - What do we know so far?"
The global nicotine market is rapidly evolving due to the recent emergence and expansion of novel products, such as e-cigarettes, various vaping devices, and heated tobacco products. Regulators around the world are considering a broad range of policies to minimize uptake of novel products, particularly with regards to restrictions on forms of promotion and product attributes that may enhance their appeal to current non-smokers, especially among adolescents and young people.

17 December 2020, Roundtable
"The road to a Smoke-Free Generation"
On the 17th December 2020, the ENSP Youth Group organises a Roundtable on the topic of Smoke-Free Generation, as part of the ENSP-ECTC Online Conference. During one hour and a half, young and motivated people will have the opportunity to learn from tobacco control experts and discuss about the priorities in further actions to be taken in order to empower the young generation to better understand and fight against the tobacco industry tactics.