Supplements & Special Issues
Tobacco Prevention & Cessation publishes Supplements & Special Issues as long as they advance research or policies that aid the journals scope - to combat the global tobacco epidemic.
Two main types of supplements/special issues are primarily allowed:
  • Conference abstract book supplements
  • Special Topic Issues

  • Approval Process
    Interested authors are kindly requested to contact the editorial office if they are interested in submitting a special issue to TPC. The request should be accompanied by an outline of prospective manuscripts including but not limited to the scope, authors, titles and timeline. The proposal will be evaluated by the editorial board for its relevance to the journal and a decision will be made.

    Publication Process
    Should the editorial board allow for the submission of a special issue, all manuscripts will undergo the classical peer review process. No exceptions to the vigorous peer review process of the journal will be made. The publication of manuscripts in a special issue can be either consecutive (rolling) with manuscripts published as they are accepted, or it may be published at one specific timepoint that will be agreed upon with the editorial board.

    Published Supplements
  • 2016 ENSP Tobacco Conference Abstract book
  • 2017 Special issue on Vape Shops in the US
  • 2017 ENSP Tobacco Conference Abstract book
  • 2018 ENSP-CNPT International Conference on Tobacco Control Abstract book

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