The attitude of students towards smoking, e-cigarette and IQOS
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Romanian Society of Pneumology, Romania
Publication date: 2019-03-26
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2019;5(Supplement):A88
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The present paper is based on the development of a questionnaire which takes into account the students' attitudes towards smoking, electronic cigarette and IQOS, so that we can evaluate the impact created among young people by the evolution of nicotine consumption in different forms. In order to accurately outline the consequences and interference of electronic cigarettes and IQOS in the life of society, a sample of the population aged twenty to thirty years is presented, as young people have a high degree of receptivity to the marketing of the technological devices. However, the question is, "From a youth perspective, does the new technology show an evolution that protects health more than normal cigarettes or, in fact, masked by exaggerated marketing the same danger?" Three types of attitudes are observed following the studies: a tolerant attitude, another intransigent and neutral one. As is well known, there are exceptions to any rule, so that electronic cigarettes, IQOS, respectively, are the exception to smoking in enclosed spaces, although we can not consider an upgrade for passive smokers, as the study performed. But do active smokers agree? It remains to be seen on the basis of the study what attitude predominates among young people, what do they think about the new technology in relation to normal cigarettes, all related to lifestyle, age and environment.
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