Tobacco prevention program Focusing 22 Areas in Kandy district Sri Lanka
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Social mobilization Unit, Sri Lanka
Publication date: 2019-03-26
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2019;5(Supplement):A124
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CHALLENGE According to alcohol and drug information center 2017 spot survey is observed the total expenditure which is occurred due to cigarette usage during the preliminary tobacco prevention program in 22 areas in Kandy District. Investigation reveals that most of the money which spent for cigarette is the 10 areas in the thalatuoya where it belongs to the hewaheta secretariat division in Kandy district srilanka. Investigation continues by using 75 boutiques in the area and reveals that 42.6 million rupee cash flow in one month to the tobacco company from their families over 11,400 populations in the area. (Expenditure based on money which used to buy cigarettes during one month period). Observation reveals that 60 percent of the people who used to smoke cigarette are low income people in the population of 11,400 in the area. According to the divisional health records, it is identified that most of the children in this area are suffering from weight loss due to downturn of economical level per family.
INTERVENTION AND RESPONSED Actions are planned by the intervention of the divisional health officers, public health officers and educational health officers. Merchandisers are gathered and advised on adverse effects perform by the tobacco company to the general public by the aid of merchandising association of the division. Then it is observed that the merchandisers are also responsible for the poverty and social failures of the people in the area due to this inappropriate business. Programs are conducted for the general public in the area which explains the adverse effects of using cigarettes by 14 community based organizations. School children are advised the tactics of the tobacco company perform in their promotional campaigns and explained the way that parents can be avoided from the cigarettes as well. Further merchandisers are explained that the cigarettes are no more a ordinary commodity.
RESULTS - 62 of the merchandisers stopped selling cigarettes in the area. - Each and every merchandiser is appreciated and rewarded with certificates for their good work by the aid of school children and the public servant of the area. - Over 9,000 people are advised and help to enhance their knowledge about adverse effects of using cigarettes and strategies use by the tobacco company in order to make profits. - Living standard of the people in the area is improved and able to save over 40 million rupees per month due to stoppage of cigarette consumption. - We have identified and increase monthly revenue in 10 family’s after quitting the fathers tobacco usage - 06 families have completed the constructions of their homes after quitting the use of cigarettes Another tactic of the tobacco company is prevented by the aid of the people as they try to give some rewards and benefits to the selected boutiques in the area.
CONCLUSION It is important to make sure that all the people in the area must be involved in order to take necessary steps to avoid cigarette consumption of the area and need to educate people on its adverse effects to their lives.
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