Adjustment of the Danish model smoking cessation to target people with mental illnesses
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Danish Health Authority, Unit of Prevention and Inequality, Copenhagen, Denmark
Publication date: 2023-04-25
Corresponding author
Christina Ersbøll Ross   

Danish Health Authority, Unit of Prevention and Inequality, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2023;9(Supplement):A143
The Danish model for smoking cessation is recommendable and has a high success rate, but there are groups that are not accommodated by the current offer, eg. people with mental illnesses. The smoking prevalence are higher among people with mental illnesses than in the rest of the population, but this group have the same wish to quit, and new evidence shows, that tobacco influences the effect of psycho-pharmaceuticals. How can we include this groups in the Danish model for smoking cessation and can we recommend smoking cessation medication for people using psycho-pharmaceuticals?

Material and Methods:
A national grant enabled Danish municipalities to work targeted with people with mental illnesses in their smoking cessation programs. The Danish Health Authority has had the University of Copenhagen conduct a literature review about smoking and smoking cessation among people with mental illnesses.

Based on the literature review The Danish Health Authority developed guides to health professionals and smoking cessation counselors about smoking among people with mental illnesses. On the basis of the national grant the selected municipalities have achieved experiences of great value in adapting smoking cessation programs to people with mental illnesses and groups with other difficulties.

The smoking cessation services must be adapted to a greater extent. There is more often a need for individual cessation courses, longer courses, flexibility in terms of meeting place, meeting time, etc., and there is a need for more interdisciplinary work, especially if the person in smoking cessation use psycho-pharmaceuticals.

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