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Swedish Nurses Against Tobacco, Stockholm, Sweden
Publication date: 2023-10-08
Corresponding author
Yvonne Bergmark Bröske   

Swedish Nurses Against Tobacco, Stockholm, Sweden
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2023;9(Supplement 2):A67
Tobacco control and cessation is one of the most cost-effective healthcare interventions in which nurses and midwives hold a key position. The NGO “Swedish Nurses Against Tobacco” (SNAT) was established in 1992. The aim was to build a national network of nurses and midwives and enhance their role in tobacco control and cessation. In 2000, SNAT took the initiative to build an international network “European Nurses and Midwives against Tobacco”.

SNAT aims is to build a strong network to increase nurses' and midwives’ roles in tobacco control and cessation and also by a special counceling method help heavy tobacco using nurses and midwives to be tobacco free.

Material and Methods:
SNAT has trained nurses in counseling tobacco prevention and cessation methods since 1996. SNAT has since 2007 helped heavy tobacco using nurses and midwives to be tobacco-free. This has been a win-win situation. In cooperation with other health professionals, SNAT has been active in the global Tobacco Endgame project. In 8th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) in Germany 2020, interest in the international network was reawakened and “The Coalition of Nurses and Health Professionals Against Tobacco and Nicotine” took shape. In November 2020, SNAT participated in the virtual18th German Conference on Tobacco Control and presented "Good Practice from Sweden". During the 9th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) in Spain 2023, the coalition met again. One of the subjects discussed at the meeting was finding initiatives for decreasing not just the consumption of tobacco but also other nicotine products which has become popular between children and young adults.

Results and Conclusions:
With a large network of nurses and midwives who work with tobacco control, there will be a big chance to reach bigger populations such as parents, children, and young people. It is not time to give up the focus off European Cancerplan to reach a “Tobacco/Nicotine-Free Generation” in Europe, where less than 5% of the population uses tobacco.  

The authors have no conflict of interest to disclose.
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