Reduction of the price differential between roll-your-own tobacco and cigarettes is associated with a decrease in the fraction of smoked roll-your-own tobacco in France since 2016
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Paris sans Tabac, Paris, France
Publication date: 2020-10-22
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2020;6(Supplement):A87
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The roll-your-own cigarette (RYO) releases more toxins in smoking machines and is more harmful than industrial cigarettes. Until 1991 RYO concerned only 3% of the market of industrial cigarettes.
In 1991 the first French anti-smoking law was voted (Evin law). The percentage of RYO use increased from 3% to 14% in 14 years, with an increase in the price of cigarettes. At the end of 2003, one had to spend € 2.52 to buy fine-cut tobacco to roll 20 cigarettes (0.7 g of tobacco per cigarette), while a pack of 20 industrial cigarettes cost € 5. The 2004–2020 evolution is analyzed.

The OFDT long series reporting monthly deliveries and prices for cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco in France has been analyzed.

From 2004 to 2016, the cost of roll-your-own tobacco and cigarettes increased by successive small amounts for the two products, but leaving the price difference stagnating at €2.47 for 20 cigarettes. During this period, the proportion of RYO among cigarettes smoked had increased from 14.6% to 23.5%. Since 2016, for public health purposes, the increase in tobacco taxes is meant to reduce the tax differential between RYO and industrial cigarettes. The price difference between fine-cut tobacco required to make 20 cigarettes and a pack of 20 industrial cigarettes decreased from €2.47 to €1.47. In the same period, the propotion of RYO began to decrease in cigarette smokers (from 24% to 21.8%)

Progressive reduction until zero of the price differential between industrial cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco is essential. Allowing this price difference to stagnate increases the use of RYO. Fourteen grams of RYO (to make 20 cigarettes) should be sold at the same price as a pack of industrial cigarettes in all European countries.

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