Tackle tobacco and nicotine in Swedish Dentistry
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Dentistry against Tobacco, Sweden
Publication date: 2023-04-25
Corresponding author
Johanna Reuterving Smajic   

Dentistry against Tobacco, Sweden
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2023;9(Supplement):A70
Dental care sees early the damage/injuries caused by tobacco and nicotine use. We meet the majority of the population regularly and have the utmost trust from our patients and society. Clinically we see the findings of research, namely periodontitis (tooth loss) and oral cancer and the great suffering that they cause. In our role in dentalcare we have the unique possibility to act and help/motivate patients to quit their use of tobacco/nicotine and to prevent children and youth from beginning. Primary prevention: On individual level ask the question about tobacco and nicotine use, record this in patient’s chart and follow up. Group information at different arenas e.g., Schools. Secondary prevention: Tobacco/nicotine cessation. We see a powerful increase in use of new nicotine products. The greatest challenge is the white, so-called tobacco free snus (nicotine pouches) spreading in Europe A good oral health is the ground for a good general health.

Material and Methods:
Dissemination of knowledge at different levels. • At the clinic, to patients and relatives • At settings where children/youth are e.g., schools • To the adult population • To decision makers e.g., Politicians. Individual contacts in treatment situations. Dissemination of short factual films (a nicotine film and a film on the importance of ruling, help children say no ) in waiting rooms, social media, creating a website with other NGO

An increased knowledge about nicotine’s hazardous effects. Prevent the potential spreading of white snus in Europe. Through the dissemination of knowledge to patients and society about nicotine products and not only smoking’s negative effects, we can help prevent children from getting addicted to nicotine.

Dental care’s unique possibility to be a voice in the general debate to contribute to a decreased tobacco and nicotine consumption in society. Decreased suffering for the individual and decreased costs for society. We are an important but unused resource in the population’s healthcare and as opinion leaders. Laws are required for the protection of children and youth against tobacco and nicotine products.

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