Tobacco industry activities in Turkey: through media monitoring
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Health Institute Association, Turkey
Marmara University, Turkey
Publication date: 2019-03-26
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2019;5(Supplement):A45
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WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Article 5.3 requires Member States to take measures to protect the public health policies from the commercial interests of the tobacco industry. However there is no system that monitors tobacco industry vs. public and civil institutions to compliance FCTC. This study aims to monitor the compliance of the parties with FCTC by surveying the TI activities in Turkey in 2017. The keywords “cigarette”, “tobacco products” and “tobacco industry” were searched among the press news articles between January-December 2017. The content, the circulation, the number of people reached and the advertising equivalent were evaluated.
Direct advertisement, promotion, sponsorship, activities related with public and civil institutions, news including TI incentives and industry violations against FCTC article 5.3 were recorded.

In 2017, 84,696 news clips appeared about the searched keywords. 993 of these were related to tobacco industry with 37,359,229 circulation, accessed 119,064,772 people and had 9,938,074 $ advertising equivalence. 214 news directly related TI activity news had 8,225,723 circulation, accessing to 25,139,063 people and had $2,171,763 advertising equivalent. Break down of these news revealed 48 corporate presentations, 107 awarding events, 27 new product introduction, 32 intervention to tobacco control policies and violation of FCTC 5.3. Of the award news 87 news were about the recognition by public institutions, 7 by NGOs.

Monitoring printed media showed the lack of awareness about the FCTC 5.3 among public and non-governmental organizations; reflected in the examples of collaborating or rewarding the industry

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