Use of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products related to marketing, age and smoking status in the Russian population: Results from the Russian Tobacco Control Policy evaluation survey
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National Medical Research Centre for Therapy and Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, Moscow, Russian Federation
Publication date: 2020-10-22
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2020;6(Supplement):A109
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Electronic cigarettes (EC) and heated tobacco products (HTP) are largely marketed in Russia.

To investigate the prevalence of EC and HTP use related to exposure to advertisement and promotion (A&P) in the Russian population.

Cross-sectional data of adult population-representative sample from Russian Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Survey are analysed, based on multistage territorial sampling in 10 Russian Federal states in 2017–2018, stratified by smoking status (n=11625): 6569 smokers, 2377 former smokers, and 2679 never smokers. Ever EC use, including HTP and current EC use is analysed in relation to demographic factors and exposure to A&P of EC. Logistic regression models are employed, and odds ratios (OR) are adjusted by sociodemographic factors and smoking status.

Ever EC users were 9.3% of population: 11% men and 7% women (p<0.001). HTP users were 3.3% of the population: 4.2% men and 2.2% women (p<0.001). Current EC users were 2.5% of the population: 3.2% men and 1.6% women (p<0.001). The prevalence of EC/HTP ever and current use was much higher among the youngest age group 18–24 years: 23.5%, 7% and 6.8%, respectively, vs the average (p<0.001). Higher likelihood of EC/HTP ever and current use was strongly associated with: 1) age, most elevated in those aged 18–24 years (OR=7.37, 2.21, 4.37); 2) smoking status – highest OR in smokers (OR=7.2, 7.27, 5.4 vs former smokers OR=4.85, 5.79, 3.44, and never smokers (p<0.001).
Chances to be EC ever/current users were significantly higher in case of exposure to AP of EC: 1) on internet (OR=2.17 and 2.77); 2) in social networks (OR=1.64 and 1.9); 3) on TV (OR=1.77 and 3.74, respectively; and 4) in shops, selling EC (OR=1.82). Chances to be HTP ever users were significantly higher when exposed to EC A&P: 1) on TV (OR=3.67); 2) in shops, selling tobacco products (OR=4.69); 3) at sports events (OR=3.04); 4) in bars and pubs (OR=2.19); and 5) at temporary shopping facilities (OR=2.11).

The use of EC, largely prevalent among the young, is strongly related to A&P of these products. A legal ban on A&P of all forms of EC is required.

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