Ingredients and additives in tobacco products
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German Cancer Research Center
Submission date: 2016-03-30
Acceptance date: 2016-03-31
Publication date: 2016-03-31
Corresponding author
Martina Pötschke-Langer   

German Cancer Research Center, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2016;2(April Supplement):55
Tobacco smoke contains numerous toxic and carcinogenic substances. Some are naturally present, but many are added during manufacturing or are formed during combustion of the product. Additives are added mainly to influence the tobacco taste or for moisturizing and burning characteristics. They include any colouring agents, adhesives, plasticizers, binders, etc. that are included in the filter, the paper and in tobacco. More than 600 different additives are known, these can account for about 10 up to 25 per cent of the total weight of a cigarette. Additives transform tobacco smoke into an even more complex chemical mixture and further increase the carcinogenic and harmful effects of smoking. The presentation will demonstrate how additives are used to facilitate smoking and contribute to increased addictiveness and how flavouring agents can increase the attractiveness of tobacco products.
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