Promotion of “Heat Not Burn” Tobacco Products in Russia: New Threat to Tobacco Control
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Confederation of Consumer Societies (KONFOP), Program Director
Publication date: 2018-06-13
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2018;4(Supplement):A49
Aim of Research To evaluate the promotion of (“heat not burn”) tobacco system IQOS in Russia Methods of Research The study was conducted in June-November 2017 by Confederation of Consumer Societies (KONFOP), using the “mystery shopper” method (when visiting IQOS stores) and by analyzing information on IQOS website.

Currently, in Russia there’s an active promotion of IQOS - the system for heating (“heat not burn”) tobacco, produced by LLC Philip Morris Sales and Marketing. IQOS device is positioned and promoted as less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes. In IQOS stores, located at in Moscow, managers propose to test device directly in the shop, while the passport for establishing the age is not asked, it’s not considered as a violation of the smoking ban. At the same time, it’s confirmed that IQOS contains tobacco and nicotine. KONFOP conducted study showed that, both on the website and in the company's IQOS store, the potential buyer is offered stimulating terms of purchase (discounts when buying replacement sticks, vouchers for consumer, who brought a friend to the shop).

The results of the study confirm the facts of IQOS promotion. Currently, regulation of this product in Russia is controversial. While tobacco advertising in Russia is banned, there is a loophole in legislation, and IQOS advertising is not prohibited, health warnings are not to be placed on the devices or on the packs of replacement heatsticks. Promotion of the tobacco heating system IQOS undermines Russian Federation health policy, stimulates tobacco consumption and maintain nicotine addiction among consumers. Heated tobacco and related nicotine delivery devices must be subject to the regulation for common tobacco products.

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