Analysis of the attitude of Ukrainians to smoking during Russia's large-scale war against Ukraine
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Kyiv City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Kyiv, Ukraine
Publication date: 2023-10-08
Corresponding author
Otto Stoyka   

Kyiv City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tob. Prev. Cessation 2023;9(Supplement 2):A79
The outbreak of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, triggered a national humanitarian crisis, with millions of people falling victim. This led to the impact of severe stress on the entire population of Ukraine.

Assess the attitude of Ukrainians to smoking during the War.

Material and Methods:
The analysis was based on the data of the All-Ukrainian survey ""Tobacco use practices among the population of Ukraine and attitudes towards anti-tobacco measures"" (the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology in May 2022) by interviews among a national sample aged 18+.

Data analysis shows how the war is changing the attitude of the Ukrainian population toward smoking. Thus, the consumption of any tobacco and nicotine products amounted to 27.4% (44.0% of men and 13.7% of women). Which corresponds to the level of smoking before the War. The structure of consumption of tobacco and nicotine products also did not change: 22.2% used cigarettes, 3.3% (4.2% of men and 2.5% of women) – e-cigarettes, 3.0% (3.4% of men and 2.7% of women) – HTPs, 2.6% – hookah with tobacco. 42.3% of smokers answered that the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine did not affect the intensity of their consumption of tobacco or nicotine. 40.2% indicated that they began to use slightly more or significantly more tobacco or nicotine and 12.6% reported that they began to consume less or significantly less.

The results show that, in general, the population did not change their habits of smoking tobacco and nicotine and did not start smoking anymore due to significant socio-economic and political changes. The study also demonstrates that among the smokers themselves, the consumption structure of various products has not changed. Among smokers, less than half began to use tobacco and nicotine more, which also indicates the constancy of dependence, which even with increasing stress does not change significantly.

The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.
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